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Cavity Insulation with Neopor®

Two-leaf masonry structures represent a rainproof wall structure even when subjected to heavy loading from driving rain. Insulating materials made of Neopor® can be employed for frost-resistant, back-ventilated masonry as well as purely for cavity insulation that is not backventilated.


Key Advantages of Cavity Insulation with Neopor®

  • Best thermal insulation effect
  • Water-repellent without hydrophobing
  • Low setting behavior with Neopor® beads

In double-wall masonry, the space between the outer frost-resistant masonry shell and the inner load-bearing structure is limited. Owing to the low thermal conductivity of insulating materials made of Neopor®, a relatively higher insulating effect can be achieved.

A wall can be retrofitted with cavity insulation by blowing expanded beads made of Neopor® into the existing cavities. This provides complete and lasting thermal insulation.


Monument Conservation in Hamburg

The Doktorenberg villa in Hamburg, Germany, demonstrates that cavity insulation is an ideal solution to retain the appearance of beautiful olf facades.


Reducing CO2 with insulation boards made of Neopor® BMB

Insulation boards made of Neopor® BMB protect the environment and the climate by helping to reduce CO2 emissions throughout their life cycle.


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